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Call Us Today!
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Tanning Tips

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Always Use Indoor Tanning Lotion and Wear Eye Protection!
Tip #1
Always use a good indoor tanning lotion. Dry skin will reflect light. Tanning lotions increase your tanning results up to 75% and cares for your skin putting the moisture and nutrients back in that tanning takes out.
Tip #2
Always wear your eye protection! Element Tanning provides every client with a clean pair of goggles to wear during their session. Closing or laying a towel over your eyes is not enough.  It does not block the UV light from coming through.
Tip #3
Do not overexpose yourself to tanning.  Make sure you go in for the right amount of time so you do not burn. Our staff members will recommend the amount of minutes needed for your skin type.
Tip #4
MOISTURIZE.- Even when you are not in the tanning bed , you need to make sure your skin is moist so you may be able to keep a healthier, longer lasting tan. When using a moisturizer, you
will not have to tan as often. We provide several different types of Daily Moisturizers that will keep your skin looking flawless.
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